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HH@WA is on the Forefront of Workplace Wellness.

HH@WA, a UHA company, is dedicated to helping our members build effective wellness programs that lead to sustainable lifestyle changes that can help employees become healthier and happier, and workplaces more productive. To that end, we offer a suite of employer-focused wellness products — our Work WellSM Solutions, built upon the three core pillars of “Believe – Belong – Become”SM  — to help your program be as effective as possible.

Delivering Wellness That Works: HH@WA’s Workplace Wellness Solutions

HH@WA offers six wellness solutions to help organizations meet their health and wellness goals:

Wellness Challenge

Designed with your employees in mind, give your team the opportunity to practice and sustain healthy habits at work and at home.

Work Well Hawai'i Assessment

Complete a balanced scorecard to evaluate and manage your current wellness landscape (culture, spaces, and systems.) Receive a customized organizational plan.

Champions Training

Learn how to harness the power of social contagion to help build and sustain a wellness culture.

Program Appraisal

Identifies key outcome measures that serve as indicators of success for an evaluation process and results for your key stakeholders.

Personal Fitness Body Age Assessment

Employs 5 measures to evaluate your employees’ fitness level (and the overall health of the employee group) and uses these results to form a concrete fitness plan, based on your company’s top priorities and concerns to help achieve its wellness goals.

Healthy Spaces Assessment

Discover opportunities to nudge healthy behaviors, enhance productivity, and increase job satisfaction from a spatial perspective. Your team will receive a plan of action for creating a healthier workplace.


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