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Halepuna (formerly Waikiki Parc Hotel): Wellness as a Way of Doing Business

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In this case study, we cover Halepuna’s, formerly known as Waikiki Parc Hotel, trials and outcomes in piloting a year-long wellness program for their employees.


  • Sustaining employee retention and morale over a one-year period while the hotel closed for a significant property remodel.
    The retention of employees is of utmost importance to Halepuna; it is clear to hotel management that for decades, employees are the driving force behind hotel guests’ enjoyment and going forward, this level of service must be upheld.
  • Conveying a wellness theme with their hotel that would cater to the healthy-minded traveler.
    Many hotel employees held two jobs and some had long commutes to and from work. In order for the hotel to have a successful wellness theme with their guests, employees need to embrace a lifestyle of wellness with a first-hand experience.


To meet the company’s retention needs and help their employees improve their well-being, Halepuna partnered with UHA Health Insurance’s Workplace Wellness department to create a year-long wellness program. This program helped employees maintain morale, improve healthy living, and develop a wellness mindset that would prepare them for the hotel’s re-opening.

Case Study: Halepuna (formerly Waikiki Parc Hotel)