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Evaluating Workplace Wellness Programs

You may have come across a new study from the University of Illinois finding that their wellness program had “no causal effect on the activities, health, productivity and medical spending” for its 5,000 participants. Read the rebuttal from the experts at the Health Enhancement Resource Organization (HERO), the non-profit dedicated to identifying best practices in the field of workplace health

Expert Response: Recent Negative Study on Workplace Wellness is Inherently Flawed

Tips from APA Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winners

As most of us spend a good amount of our time at work, psychological health is becoming an increasingly important area to focus on when it comes to workplace wellness. The American Psychology Association’s (APA) Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards are designed to recognize organizations for their efforts to foster employee health and well-being while enhancing organizational performance.

Best Practices for Corporate Wellness Programs

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According to USA Today, a household income of $122,000+ is needed to live comfortably in Hawaii.1 The high cost of living makes it ESSENTIAL to have a financial game plan.

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1 – USA Today, “7 Most Expensive States to Live in the U.S.”

Financial Wellness Toolkit

Your financial wellbeing affects your health. If you haven’t read up on the impact financial stress can have, take a look at our article on the subject here:

How Financial Stress Affects Your Health

Wellness Survey Points to Strong Impact (infographic)

The Hawai‘i Health at Work Alliance ([email protected]) has completed a statewide survey of Hawaii-based organizations. Our goal was to measure attitudes towards workplace wellness programs and begin to assess the impact the programs are having.

Wellness Survey Points to Strong Impact

A Hawai‘i Workplace Wellness Case Study: Waikiki Parc Hotel


General Manager, Julie Arigo realized that in order for their hotel to have a successful wellness theme with their hotel guests, their employees too must embrace the wellness movement and have firsthand experience. Waikiki Parc’s investment in its employees was especially important, as the hotel prepared to close its doors for about a year to complete a significant property remodel. After the refurbishment, the management wanted to have as many of their current employees available, trained, and ready to welcome hotel guests.”Executive management were cognizant of ensuring that our employees’ happiness and morale was sustained. We want them to be happy with their jobs and wanting to come back when the hotel re-opens.”

So in January 2015, the Waikiki Parc Hotel formally launched a new wellness program for all its employees. In this case study, we take you through the methodology and outcomes of how Waikiki Parc made wellness as a way of doing business.

Wellness as a Way of Doing Business

Sixth annual wellness in the workplace results.

The key points covered in this review include:

  • If we are headed in the right direction (year-over-year trending)
  • What success enablers are present in small, medium and large workplaces across the country
  • The strategic gaps that need to be addressed in order to position health & wellness for success

Download Optum Survey Results



A Hawai‘i Workplace Wellness Case Study: Kama‘aina Care

Summary – Refreshing Wellness at Work

Co-owner and vice president, Mark Nishiyama has been a staunch believer in employee health and wellness for many years. In 2015, Mark chose to refresh the company’s wellness program with the help of UHA’s consultants. Refreshing the program would mean reviewing the company’s strategy and wellness tactics, along with focusing on including employees at all sites. Details of these initiatives are documented in this case study.

Download Case Study: Kama'aina Care