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Begin a Culture of Health at Your Workplace


valerie au - workplace wellness manager at HH@WA

Written by Valerie Au, Workplace Wellness Manager

At the end of 2017 we launched our Work WellSM Hawai’i Assessment to get a feel of how well employers in our beautiful state of Hawaii are doing when it comes to implementing wellness in their workplaces. Work WellSM Hawai’i Assessment

As a result of 300 respondents we found 96% of Hawaii employers believe that for their organization to be the best it can be, it is vitally important that all employees are healthy and productive. While that may seem like an impressive result, only a meager 20% are actually doing anything to constantly help their employees practice good health and well-being at work.

Translation…everyone thinks healthy and productive employees are essential to optimizing their business, but many are not taking the appropriate steps forward to help their employees be healthy and productive. So, what are we to do?

Here are some simple, yet effective ways to start creating a culture of health at your organization:

TIP #1: Commit to it as an individual

If your organization is not quite ready to board the wellness train, make a commitment as an individual within your organization. Choose to make healthy choices at work such as taking the stairs over the elevator, bringing lunch from home, and/or making well-being a topic of conversations. You might talk to your co-workers about their favorite thing to do to stay active or maybe discover healthy ways they like to de-stress.


TIP #2: Recruit others to join you in creating healthy habits at work

You could host daily movement breaks in which you and your co-workers perform stretches, deep breathing exercises, or go outside for fresh air and a quick walk around the office. Or maybe you have Tasty Tuesdays where co-workers bring in a healthy dish to share.


TIP #3: Empower others to live healthfully

Share stories of others who have been successful in making better lifestyle choices. While it would be best to have personal testimonies from your fellow co-workers, successes from people outside the organization can be inspiring as well.


I hope these tips will serve you well, but if you are in need of more support feel free to contact the [email protected] Workplace Wellness Team at [email protected]. We’re here to help!

Valerie Au

Workplace Wellness Manager