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Why It Pays to be a Member of [email protected]

How can you benefit from joining the Hawai`i Health at Work Alliance ([email protected])? Launched in 2013, [email protected] is a platform for like-minded businesses to collaborate and learn from each other in developing effective workplace wellness resources. Participating business leaders share their stories of wellness successes and challenges, so that all members can learn strategically to improve productivity and support employees in making sustainable positive lifestyle changes.

What do you stand to gain? Here’s a look at some of the ways our members benefit from involvement:

  • Learn Collaboratively
    [email protected] frequently invites Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to discuss emerging trends in health and wellness, and to give talks on topics relevant to our members and their organizations. In the past, we’ve had presentations on the benefits of cooperative competition, the science of wellness incentives and rewards, social contagion theory, efficient use of wellness funds, and more. These talks help our members stay up-to-date and informed about the latest news in the industry through experts with real-world experience.
  • Share Experiences
    More often than not, employers are working in isolation. Many recognize the value of wellness programming, and want to implement it in their own organizations, but don’t feel equipped to do so effectively or meaningfully. One of the greatest opportunities of the [email protected] is the chance to see what others are doing, and to be motivated by their successes.
  • Assist Peers
    Meetings also become a place to network and share best practices, because we feature different members and ask them to share their experiences with workplace wellness. Beyond seeing wellness programming in action, it’s a great chance to learn from other members about what’s working and what isn’t. When members encounter a challenge – whether it’s getting better employee buy-in, overcoming hurdles in organizational culture etc. – our meetings quickly turn into fruitful discussions about strategies and opportunities. Members arrive with concerns, and leave with solutions.
  • Network – Community Building for a Healthier Hawai`i
    [email protected] brings together a number of Hawai`i organizations of all different sizes and industries, united by a commitment to support healthy change in our communities. At the end of the day, the goal of the [email protected] is a healthier state, full of healthier workers. Together, we work to help make that vision a reality.

Together, the members of [email protected] are working to better equip organizations with the resources they need to support employee wellness. We know that improving health and well-being is a long distance race – not a sprint – and we’re committed to learning and growing in every way that we can to better support each other and our organizations.

Are you interested in joining the [email protected] and helping us improve health and well-being for Hawai`i, starting with your employees? Membership is open to all Hawai`i employers, regardless of size or industry, so get in touch to learn more.


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