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Featured [email protected] Business Member: Yoga at My Desk

As a personal trainer and yoga instructor with over 14 years of experience, I have worked with 100’s of clients and students that have been dealing with the aches, pains, and challenges of working at a desk all day.

Knowing firsthand that Yoga has an amazing array of tools to help with this, I created the Yoga at My Desk online course. This innovative all levels course teaches people how to take Yoga breaks right at their desk to ease tension and strengthen their posture as they improve focus, boost energy and lower their stress levels.

Given that healthy, happy employees are such a valuable asset to any organization, I was thrilled to find that [email protected] provides valuable resources to help businesses and their team members live, move and feel their best.

I hope to help [email protected] members put the tools of Yoga to work for their businesses and in doing so make workplace wellness is an integral part of their business strategy.

Ready to take a Yoga Break? Click here to try out a 10 minute Yoga break to ease neck and shoulder tension!


Submitted by:

Megan Nolan
Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor
Yoga at My Desk