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Featured [email protected] Business Member: Lex Brodie’s

Lex Brodie’s has been a UHA insurance client since 2009. In our goal to improve our workplace’s overall culture of wellness, we signed up to become a [email protected] business member this year.

In 2013 we participated in UHA’s Biggest Loser Challenge as a fun and effective way for us to show our employees we care about their health and well-being. In 2015 UHA, which is [email protected]’s parent company, supported us when we launched our Caveman Fit Club at-work gym and fitness center.

As the first company in the world to receive the International BBB Award for Excellence in Customer Care, we take great pride in our customer service and see the correlation between a healthy workplace and good customer service.

Since the beginning, Lex himself was very concerned about the health of his employees and saw them as an extension of his family. He encouraged all of his employees towards living a healthy lifestyle, and tried to lead by example. Lex, who lived until he was 98-years-old, was a role model for healthy living and surfed in Waikiki until he was 90!

Joining [email protected] as a business member was the logical next step we could take in order to help us create a culture of wellness for our employees. Our employees are the key to our business success, and we want and need them as healthy as possible.

We were looking for a partner that would be supportive and provide us with the tools needed to build and maintain a successful workplace wellness program. Our wellness program goals included encouraging our employees towards a healthy lifestyle, not just a fitness oriented lifestyle.  This includes physical and mental well-being, offering better ways of dealing with everyday stresses, educating and encouraging healthy dietary choices, or perhaps quitting harmful practices like smoking.  Each of our employees face their own unique set of challenges, and we wanted to create a program that provided relief and education for them in the areas they feel are most important to them. “We don’t have the time and resources to put it all together on our own,” explains Scott Williams, Vice President of Marketing & Brand Management, “so we partnered with [email protected], who has experience in developing these types of programs.”

Taking the next step and becoming a [email protected] business member was a great way to gain access to workplace wellness experts, resources and a network that will help us to continue building a sustainable culture of wellness here at Lex Brodie’s. We’re excited to end 2018 well and go into 2019 partnered with [email protected]


Submitted by:

Scott Williams, Vice President of Marketing & Brand Management
Lex Brodie’s Tires, Brakes, & Service Company