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Featured [email protected] Business Member: Island Pacific Academy


Over the last year or so members of the leadership team at Island Pacific Academy have had the opportunity to work with the fabulous team at [email protected]  We had been looking for ways in which we could incorporate wellness into our workplace as we felt it would be a wonderful tie in to one of our Community Agreements, “Malama–Take Care of Each Other and This Place”.  We also saw the importance of creating a work and school environment in which taking care of the mind, body and spirit is emphasized.

We first met with Howard Lee, Valerie Au, and Ericka Kolcz from [email protected] when they came out to our campus last year.  Howard, Valerie and Erica wanted to better understand our school, from what we do here, to who we serve, and what our core values are.  From there we completed the WorkWell Hawaii Starter: Purpose and Organizational Performance Assessment.   The [email protected] team was so wonderful, helping us to see where our strengths are and giving us suggestions about where to begin this journey.  It can often feel very overwhelming to start a new initiative and it can be so easy to become paralyzed when figuring out where to start.  This is one of the areas where working with [email protected] was so helpful.  We decided to start by creating a survey that was sent out to all our faculty and staff.  This allowed us to get input from our faculty and staff about where their interests lie and pointed us in the right direction about where focus our energies.

As we are starting the new 2019-2020 school year, we are excited about continuing to implement wellness into our school.  Island Pacific Academy is a place where kindness and generosity of spirit is emphasized and is deeply embedded in our culture.  In the excitement of this initiative we already have faculty asking if they can volunteer their time to teach the occasional yoga class, we are starting a walking group, and looking to provide educational opportunities such as healthy cooking demos or financial wellness sessions.

Lastly in a separate initiative, but closely tied to wellness, Island Pacific Academy has recently updated our Mission and Vision statements.  Through a process that included receiving input from all of our various stakeholders, from students and families, to faculty and staff, to our Board of Directors and our community partners, we were able refine our mission and vision while staying true to our history and culture.  Our goal in this process is to create a strong sense of purpose amongst our faculty and staff.  We are proud to introduce our new mission and vision:

VISION: Inspiring and enabling our students to “Go Forward with Confidence” (I Mua Me Ka Ha’aheo) to become caring, contributing citizens who can succeed in an ever-changing world.

MISSION: Island Pacific Academy empowers students to unlock their potential by providing a well-rounded college and career preparatory education that values each child’s individuality, builds confidence and character, and inspires future success as engaged citizens and life-long learners in a place where values matter.

Island Pacific Academy is truly excited about our future.  We have an amazing faculty and staff who are engaged in what they do and have a true sense of purpose.  The work that we are doing with the help of [email protected], allows us to better support our team and create an environment where mind, body and spirit are supported through these initiatives.


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