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Featured [email protected] Business Member: Good Clean Food Hawaii

Never Diet Again!

Definition of “Diet”: restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.

Dieting in today’s busy, always on the go environment is challenging.  Especially if you are being restricted to small amounts of food.  The modern diet requires you to be the nutritionist, the chef, the shopper, and the dishwasher.  How about making simple lifestyle changes that don’t take hours each day to follow?  It all comes down to small, easy to implement changes – healthy lifestyle changes that will scale and serve you from sunup to sundown without you going insane.

Here are three easy tips for a healthy lifestyle change:


  1. NEVER get angry with yourself 
    This is a big, macro look at what you want out of your health and life.  New actions, no matter the size, require a change in thought.  Your thoughts control everything.  Did you not make it to the gym because you needed an extra hour of sleep? Did you forget your lunch running out the door? It’s okay! Be kind to yourself and reaffirm what is possible each day. This will help as a motivator and reduce stress.
  2. ONE thing will not blow your goal(s)
    Even the top trainers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts “treat” themselves.  In a lifestyle shift, it’s not about saying no or being discouraged by one misstep.  It’s about being better tomorrow than you were today. What if you could improve by 1% everyday?
  3. DON’T do it alone
    Batman had Robin, Han Solo had Chewbacca, and Shrek had Donkey.  A guide, whether that be a friend, a co-worker, or a company offering a product or service, can help you avoid the dangerous potholes along the way.  Services like Good Clean Food Hawaii offer meal prep services that take the complexity out of eating healthy. Premade, portion controlled meals, that are healthy and delicious delivered to a convenient location near you.  A service like Good Clean Food Hawaii can save you time and money and help guide you towards your health and fitness goals.


Forget the diets of the past and focus on small lifestyle changes each day.  Start by taking action, staying committed, and finding a guide.  We promise you’ll enjoy it more than restricting yourself to a small amount of food.

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Bruce Ayres, Marketing Director of Good Clean Food Hawaii. Good Clean Food Hawaii is Oahu’s premier meal prep company delivering healthy, delicious premade meals to over 28 gyms on Oahu. Good Clean Food Hawaii is focused on changing the way Hawaii eats healthy.