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Featured [email protected] Business Member: OrthoSport

At OrthoSport, we empower individuals to restore and improve their physical ability through focused, evidence-based exercise and hands-on treatment. The experienced and highly credentialed therapists at OrthoSport provide one-on-one care, with advanced skills in the treatment of orthopedic, sport related, and neurologic issues. We have a diverse team of experts who can help you achieve outstanding results, overcoming injury and speeding your recovery towards a healthy active lifestyle.

OrthoSport’s Niu Valley location contains Hawaii’s only Medical Gym & Integrated Health Center. We are uniquely positioned to address disease and movement dysfunction. We offer customized programs for all populations: seniors, youth, and athletes alike.

One exciting area we have been focusing on is workplace posture and how we can combat long hours of sitting. Using evidence-based approaches we offer ergonomic assessments and provide actionable and immediate feedback. Group classes, as well as one on one sessions with our postural specialists, have shown great results that make people look, feel, and even sleep better.

We also now offer Kaatsu training which is an exciting new approach to muscle growth. Kaatsu Training is a patented exercise method developed by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato that involves compression of the vasculature proximal to the exercising muscles by the Kaatsu Master device. People who use KAATSU include professional athletes, NCAA and Olympic medalists, but the largest percentage of KAATSU users are aging Baby Boomers for health and rehabilitation purposes. KAATSU is used to maintain or increase muscular strength and size without using heavy weights or resistance as well as stimulate the secretion of growth hormones. So you save your joints the strain of heavy lifting, while still getting great results!

All medical gym packages and memberships are interchangeable between personal training, dietary consulting, health coaching, or massage therapy so you can mix and match how you would like. Please call 373-1114 to inquire more about any of our medical gym services or sign up for your free 60-minute health assessment and 373-3555 for any physical therapy related questions.