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About Hawaii Health @ Work Alliance

We’re doing something about employee health and wellness.

Employee health and Wellness

It’s hard to find an employer today that doesn’t care about employee health and welfare. After all, a healthy, happy, productive workforce is not only a valuable business asset but also a source of satisfaction and pride. But few employers have the time, energy, expertise and resources to implement an employee wellness program that produces the sustained engagement necessary to effect positive change.

That’s where we come in: [email protected] was created to bring together Hawai’i employers of all sizes and industries so that we can learn from one another’s efforts (both successful and otherwise) to institute effective programs.

[email protected] also offers a suite of organization-focused wellness products —our Work WellSM Solutions — all designed to maximize the effectiveness of your wellness program.

As an [email protected] member, you can benefit from the many great ideas that other Hawai`i employers have implemented in the pursuit of improving employee health through workplace wellness programs. And you can share your own experiences with the group as well!

Wellness Advisory Council

This group of corporate and community leaders is committed to advancing workplace wellness in Hawaiʻi.

Why It Pays to be a Member of [email protected]

How can you and your colleagues benefit from joining the Hawai`i Health at Work Alliance ([email protected])?


Group Info

[email protected] was founded in 2013 by UHA Health Insurance in support of its belief that employers are uniquely placed to help their employees achieve healthy and active lifestyles that promote physical, financial, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

This collaborative alliance of more than 375 organizations has the sole purpose of learning how to build effective worksite wellness programs, programs that can lead to both sustainable lifestyle changes for employees and improved productivity for employers.

Structure: LLC, subsidiary of UHA Health Insurance.

Participation:  Open to all Hawai’i employers, regardless of size or industry.

Dues: Currently, annual membership dues are just $199. Venue, food, and other resources necessary for operations are covered by dues, sponsorships or donated by participants.